Lovers At Heart by Melissa Foster My rating: 5 of 5 stars Melissa Foster has always had a plan when it comes to her books. This novel just goes to show a reader her imagination can lure a booklover into coming along for a trip to Weston, Colorado to a big loving and loyal family. This book could be read as a stand-alone novel, but I suggest starting at the beginning with, Sisters in Love book one of the Snow Sisters series.Treat Braden is a wealthy, sexy resort owner used to getting his way. He met Max Armstrong at his cousins wedding at his resort in Nassau. The sudden encounter brought feelings to the forefront that he didn’t expect and didn’t know he was missing. His lusty thoughts for Max turned into a one night of sizzling, passionate sex. Max Armstrong never needed a man before. She was smart, had a successful job and she lives just as she liked, alone. That is until she met Treat Braden. Her feelings for Treat turned into one night of sizzling passion to ignite an experience she’ll never forget. Especially since it brought others not so pleasant to the forefront and that scared her.Can Treat change Max’s mind? Will Max overcome her fears of the past in order to move forwards? Will they find love, the kind that will last a life time? View all my reviews


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