Come and take a look at the new book, “Queen of the Gods (Hanson Hell Series #1) by Taylor Rose! If you want a book that will keep you enthralled, go to Amazon and pick up your copy today! You won’t want to put it down. Nor will you want for it to end!


Queen of the Gods

When life gives you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade… right? Arissa Steel always took everything life threw at her. Being abandoned by her mother. Having the same weird dream every night. The love of her life being just a “friend”. Until one day, life threw her what she thought was a fantasy. The Greek Gods and Goddesses are real, and they are hanging around. She has a big part to play in their future. Who would have thought?
Hale Hanson has always been the star, outshining everyone around him. Never knowing who your real friends are is awful. Leave it to Arissa to break the mold, to tell him how it really is. She has never cared about his status or how he can help her move up the social ladder. All she cares about is him. They formed a bond so special, it was unbreakable. Or, so he hoped. Hale finds himself thrown into a life he never imagined possible. Will Ari still stick by his side? Or will she leave him alone to deal with her own problems?
What happens when life throws you something that is so out of this world that you can’t tell fact from fantasy? Does love really conquer all? Or does everything crumble around them when the unthinkable happens?

Welcome to Hanson Hell! Once they suck you in, they don’t let you go. Become a God or Goddess in your own right, and embrace your destiny!


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