What does a dumpster and no memory have in common? Find out in “Cursed: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Thrice Cursed Mage Book 1)” by J.A. Cipriano. Come on over to Amazon and download your ebook of “Cursed”.


My name is Mac Brennan and that’s the only thing I can remember about myself. Not why I woke up in a dumpster. Not why my right arm is as black as pitch and covered in glowing red tattoos, and certainly not why a vicious death cult is after me.

Actually, that last part isn’t true. I know why the death cult is after me. It’s because I saved that damned girl from them. I didn’t know who she was at the time, but I’d have done it anyway. I just don’t like it when girls get beat up, call me old fashioned.

Still, I can tell she’s hiding something behind those devilish eyes, and if I want to find out what it is, I’ll have to help her.

My name is Mac Brennan. I have no memory, and I’m a werewolf-hunting, hellfire-flinging version of Faust himself.

My Review:

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal books.

I received this book in exchange for writing an honest review. I found JA Cipriano a refreshing author offering a variation to the paranormal genre. His complex characters were believable as they continued on their adventure and kept you wanting more even when you read the last page.

Mac Brennan found himself in a dumpster with no memory, nothing, nada except his name. He wondered what happened to him but with no memory it was like working with a clean slate. A nagging feeling of urgency almost brought him to his knees. Mac witnesses two giant men beating a small woman and that just didn’t set well with him.  Mac didn’t know if he was a good or a bad person but stepped in to help the woman. It felt like the right thing to do. After disposing of the two loathsome individuals, he helped the woman from the floor and realized not only that she was curvy but just how beautiful she was.

Sera is a smart woman. One who just happens to be wanted by an alpha werewolf. She knew she didn’t have what the alpha wanted. The werewolf sent two lackeys to beat her up and drag her back to their Alpha. Sera thought she was a dead when out of nowhere a man interfered and rescued her. He was a handsome man but smelled like a dumpster. Sera wanted to return the favor so she asked if he would like a shower and clean clothes and that was when she realized he was cursed. Mac may be cursed but perhaps he may be the only one to save her.

Cursed is an exciting and suspenseful book and keeps you flipping each page fast to find out what happens next.


A Good Question

(FRAUD: a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities:) – ACTUAL definition. Firstly I would like to th…

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POP! What was that? “POP!” by V. Kelly’s is as exciting as it is a refreshing romantic comedy. “POP!” is part one of a two part series. If you’re looking for a book that’s not your normal romance novel, one to keep you laughing and rock out your inner nerd? Then “POP!” is the book for you! It’s sold exclusively on Amazon. http://amzn.to/2fwZREh

POP V Kelly

A sex contract seemed like a good idea, until she fell in love.

When Symone Esquire fails to woo her best friend into taking her virginity, his rejection is the catalyst that inspires her to create a sex contract with a local legend, a man nicknamed “The Cherry Popper”, to take her virginity instead.

Sid Cooperton is used to being solicited for sex, being the lead singer of a local rock band does have its perks . . . but when the nerdy, yet intriguing, Symone approaches him with a proposition to take her virginity in exchange for his college tutoring. It’s simply an offer he can’t refuse—even if his reputation for being a virginity exterminator is grossly exaggerated.

Symone wasn’t expecting anything more than a business relationship with Sid, but she soon realizes there’s so much more to her sex tutor than just sex. Matters become even more complicated when her once uninterested best friend, suddenly wants to take their relationship to the next level like she always wanted.

With the relationship she’s always dreamed of within her reach, Symone must make a decision: choose her best friend, the man she’s been in love with her whole life, or choose Sid, the man who has suddenly become the subject of all her fantasies.

The contract has been signed: Symone’s virginity for Sid’s B average.

It was supposed to be simple, until she broke his only rule.

My Review:

I never know what to expect from a new author, but I’m enthusiastic to tell you V. Kelly is a wonderful writer and her novel, Pop!, demonstrates her talent perfectly. I give Pop! a five star rating because I like the flair she puts into her characters as they come alive on every page. She has the ability for bringing the reader into the world of her characters. Symone is a smart, beautiful woman and Sid is sexy and an incredibly talented musician. They experience the ups and downs to finding the kind of love that only comes once in a lifetime.   

The first time Symone meets the sexy, muscular rocker, Sid, is at her best friend, Trevor’s party. When Symone accidentally falls against Sid, she was surprised because when she looked into his eyes she feels something for Sid. Symone has loved Trevor for years but Trevor doesn’t feel that way about her so she sets out to resolve the problem standing in their way of true love her– virginity.

When a beautiful Symone falls against Sid, she made a sarcastic remark and he is instantly drawn to her because of her sense of humor. But when Trevor drags her away from the party, Sid doesn’t think any more of their encounter. That is until Symone and her friend approach him with a proposition a contract to be exact. Sid didn’t recognize Symone at first, until she makes a sarcastic comment and then he remembers her; yet when he’s faced with Symone’s offer of taking her virginity in exchange for tutoring him in his college courses.

Can Sid and Symone solve both their problems? Will Sid finally admit that his band isn’t the most important thing he cares about? With a major decision to make which choice will she choose?

V. Kelly was able to evoke a wide range of feelings. V. Kelly’s twist on a romance novel is delightful. If you like to laugh give Pop! a try.