Watch out for glowing purple eyes and neon ice blue eyes. If you come across them you’ve met Avah and Jasik from “Blood Promise (Blood Books Book 3)” by The talented author Danielle Rose. You can pick up your copy at Amazon, B&N, IBooks and Kobo

Blood Promise

Blood Promise (Blood Books Book 3)

Careful what you witch for.

Avah Taylor never wanted to be a vampire, and now, her immortal life is at stake. When tragedy strikes, Avah is cast out of her vampire coven and embarks on a mission to expose the danger of the witchcraft that took her mortal life from her. Her journey takes her around the world, from Washington State to London to Russia, but Avah can’t run from a past deadly mistake that has come seeking revenge.

My Review

I bought this book as The Blood War trilogy as the box set, I’m reviewing the books individually. I’m new to Danielle Rose’s writing, and I was thrilled after reading the Blood War trilogy.  Having no prior knowledge about Danielle Rose’s stories I found her to be a very talented storyteller. Avah and Jasik are serious, funny, and extremely sexy with a little biting and lots of devouring, fiery sex. Her sub characters are snarky and funny as they accompany Avah and Jasik on their journey of find that all-encompassing love. You won’t want to miss a word of all three books since they are beautifully written.

In Blood Promise book three in the Blood War Trilogy, Avah has a vision of pending doom and is obsessed with trying to figure out how to keep her new family, and Jasik and the Hunters from dying.  She wakes with a feeling of unease, and she realizes it was her mother trying to reach out for her help. Avah, Jasik, and the Hunters run back to her witches’ coven, to her home however she’s too late because everyone is dead. She makes a vow to avenge her mother. When they get back to their vampire coven the priestess demands, that Avah must live by her rules but Avah refuses and she is banished from the coven. Jasik and the Hunters chose to follow Avah and walked away from their coven. As a family they made the decision to travel north to upper Washington State to another coven of vampires.

Jasik and Avah’s love deepens and he swears to protect her, especially when they go into battle against rouge vampires. They travel to the witches headquarters in England where they find out who is coming for her and wants her dead. Jasik is worried about Avah but all he can do is try to be there for her and love her with everything he is. Jasik and Avah return back home to prepare for war, they recruit witches, vampires and hybrids to make up her army, but still they are outnumbered at least ten to one.

The unexpected twists kept me so involved that I didn’t want to put it down even when I came to the last page.


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