ATTENTION! A wolf was sighted within the human populace! “Cloaked: A Wulfkin Legacy Novella” by T.F. Walsh can be found at Amazon.

Cloaked TF Walsh

Forbidden love; undeniable passion.

The wulfkin have rules. Although Daciana knows what they are, she can’t help but be attracted to Inspector Connell Lonescu, a forbidden human.

When given the opportunity to take part in a one-year independence ritual, Daciana leaps at the chance to venture into the human world. That joy is short-lived when the bear cubs she’s assigned to protect go missing. In desperation, she reaches out to the police, but what she never expected was to be instantly attracted to the brooding, yet wonderfully seductive Connell.

Inspector Lonescu trusts no one, including the sinfully sexy Daciana. When she comes to him with wild claims and a suspicious story, he has no reason to believe her, but yet, he can’t help but be intoxicated by her. Something about her is pulling him to her, but allowing that to continue will mean he’ll have to let go of his mistrust and open himself up for something more.

Is Daciana ready to risk it all to be with a man she’d been warned to stay away from? Can Connell find the cubs and ensure that Daciana will not have to return home in disgrace?

My Review:

I’m new to T. F. Walsh’s writing so I didn’t know what to expect when I won a copy of her book Cloaked.  Sometimes being new to an author has its merits because as a reader I had no prior expectations about the author. With that being said, T. F. Walsh is an amazingly, talented author. Cloaked is beautifully written, with believable characters that will sweep you into the story from the onset.

The rohang is why Daciana, a moonwolf, is living in the human world for one year is a tradition of her pack. She is an intern at the institute as an animal behavioral specialist and is in charge of two orphan bear cubs. One morning when she arrived at work she learned someone had walked in and stolen the cubs using Daciana’s key. At the police station Daciana met the tall, brooding and sexy Inspector Connell Lonescu. Their instant attraction, which is forbidden by her pack, was pushed aside due to her worrying about the bear cubs.

Inspector Connell Lonescu noticed Daciana when she walked into the police station. She was beautiful and alluring. She was explaining about the odor she smelled in the missing bear cubs’ cage. Since he was working the case of the disappearances of other animals in the surrounding area, he was able to join in the case. As the case progressed his feelings for her grew which scared him due to his past. Connell continually rescues Daciana from being arrested and trying to deny his feelings for the exotic woman.

Follow the twists and turns of Daciana and Connell in this exciting adventure of missing bears, and forbidden passion.


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