Attention! Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention please? Have you heard of T. F. Walsh? NO? Well check out Book 1 of the Wulfkin Series, “Cloaked in Fur”. It’ll keep you on the edge of your seat with every turn of a page.

Tania F Walsh Cloaked in Fur

Fighting for love has never been deadlier!
Paranormal Shifter Romance.
Strong-minded and beautifully complicated, Daciana struggles to leave her wolf pack after she falls in love with a human. But when her friends start turning up dead, she sets on hunting down the monster, convinced her human lover is next in line. When she discovers the danger is coming from within her pack, she must must choose between saving the man she loves and saving her pack family from certain death.
My Review for Cloaked in Fur

If you haven’t read T. F. Walsh’s books before you have to read the Wulfkin Legacy series! I absolutely loved Cloaked in Fur! Cloaked in Fur is book 1 in the series with a prequel called Cloaked. Cloaked in Fur could be read as a standalone book but I suggest you read Cloaked first to fully understand the background between its characters, Daciana and Connell in Cloaked in Fur. Talk about a thrilling, sexy, steamy, riddled with action, page burning adventure! Two races coming together as a love between two people traverse to span of the forbidden. T. F. Walsh is an incredibly talented author as she uses her creativity by using confidence, uncertainty, and courage to bring life to characters.

Daciana is a moonwolf who is trying to find a way to become human so she can stay with her one true love Connell. She experiences confidence in her love for Connell, the uncertainty of losing him and the courage to overcome the monster threatening everyone she loves. Her journey of trials and errors along her way to becoming a human or a Wulfkin is fraught with danger.

Connell loves Daciana with every fiber of his being but begins to doubt her as he suspects she is lying to him and he can’t tolerate that because he’s been down that road once before. With his heart and job on the line his confidence wavers, but his courage allows him to face the danger that threatens Daciana.

Cloaked in Fur is an action packed paranormal romance you will enjoy every word you read.


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