The Circus has Arrived! However they aren’t what you think! Find out the secret this circus is hiding in “Cloaked in Secrecy (Wulfkin Legacy)” by T.F. Walsh. Available on Amazon.

TF Welsh

A gripping tale of love under extraordinary circumstances.

Death has followed Alena Novac’s circus family for years. When the police arrest her brother for a murder he didn’t commit, she has only a week to rescue him before he transforms into his wolf form in prison and exposes their wulfkin existence to the world.
Enre Ulf, a former member of the Varlac, the fearsome ruling wulfkin clan, plans to infiltrate Alena’s circus clan and take out their alpha to save his home in Transylvania. Except he never expected his wolf to claim the alpha’s daughter, Alena, as his mate, or feel compelled to save her brother to help protect the secrets of the wulfkin.
With the police closing in and the blood feud threatening them, Alena and Enre must overcome their pasts to save their packs’ futures.
My review of Cloaked in Secrecy: A Wulfkin Legacy
 I loved Cloaked in Secrecy!
T. F. Walsh is an outstanding author and inspiring storyteller! Cloaked in Secrecy will lead you on a wild chase thru the Carpathian Mountains. It’s a wonderful book about loyalty, family and love. I especially enjoyed the suspense of the book and it’s completely, developed characters individually. The story line has a unique twist for your normal paranormal however it’s easy to follow.
Alena from the Bulgarian pack is feisty and strong but is also beautiful and courageous at least that’s what Enre thought when he was brought into their midst of the circus. His inner wolf begged
Enre to take Alena and make her theirs.Enre was a Varlac! How could Alena fall for one of them? Her feelings for Enre were out of control and why would her wolf betray her! Of course he was tall and handsomely sexy but he’s Varlac? He must be here for something or someone.
I would recommend this book, which is number two in the Wulfkin Legacy series, to anyone who loves a strong, sexy male and a beautiful, smart female.Cloaked in Secrecy is full of suspense, intrigue and hot and combustible love scenes.

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