Looking for a sizzling romance of enemies to lovers? Throw in a dragon-shifter and assassin, and you’ve got an explosive paranormal romance – FALLEN ASHES. Pre-order your copy of FALLEN ASHES today for #99cents. Limited time. Amazon Kindle Unlimited: http://hyperurl.co/ikiipz



Survival has always been on the top of Fallen’s To Do List as being the last Dragon shifter in Tapestry had painted a target on her long ago. But after being captured and magically tethered to an assassin who could kill her in an instant, time is running out. With the fate of an entire world at stake, Fallen has to find a way to get out alive, with or without her unwanted companion…her incredibly sexy unwanted companion.

Exiled from the Kingdom and on a mission to save his stepfather from the Collector, Saber’s life is already a mess. But he never could imagine that he’d be hexed into a mindless shadow assassin or worse, being kidnapped and mystically-bound to a hot blonde vixen that has a crazy obsession with fire. Sexy/strange/fire-chick aside, he has got to find a way to get out of there but Fallen isn’t in the least being helpful with their escape plan. Seriously, can things get any worse?

Magically-bound, determined, and both fighting an undeniable attraction, can Saber and Fallen work together to free themselves and save their world by defeating the Collector?  Or will time slip out of their grasp and all will be lost?

#kindleunlimited #PNR #dragons #romance

My Review:

I loved this book! T.F. Walsh has shown her extraordinary talent of storytelling to life through her characters. I went thru the whole range of emotions while reading Fallen Ashes. Joy, sorrow, anger, frustration, hate and love. Through all the emotions you follow along with her characters, Fallen and Saber on their journey of trust, loyalty and love. The exhilarating trials and errors the unanticipated twists and suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For all these reasons I have listed I give Fallen Ashes a five star rating. It’s a book I recommend to those who likes magic, dragon shifters and many other mystical creatures. It was truly a pleasurable read.


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