New York Times Bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton has done it again! Leaves Like Magic! In Not Just Voodoo a collection with 15 other authors.


Not Just Voodoo

A collection of 15 authors and to celebrate the release of Something Like Voodoo by New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Hamilton, we’ve put together this paranormal fantasy collection of short stories that include works from some of her favorite authors!

Most of the stories in this specially curated collection are brand new, exclusive content – never before distributed anywhere else and yours for the taking!

If you’re in the mood for unique magic and familiar creatures, this anthology is sure to add spark to your day!


Rebecca Hamilton – Leaves Like Magic

A young witch joins forces with a shapeshifting ally in a race against the clock to save her best friend from vampires.

My review:

Rebecca Hamilton is a wonderful author. I loved her book, Leaves Like Magic, she showed me the true meaning of friendship, loyalty and love. So far I’ve only read this book in the boxed set and plan to read the rest soon. Her characters Hadley and Finn are complex and Hadley’s feelings for her situation she’s put in just shows me how creative Rebecca Hamilton thought about her characters in order to bring them to life. Leaves Like Magic is full of suspense, intrigue and a few twists that keep you guessing how it’s going to end.

Hadley will to do anything for her best friend, Iris; even trusting a stranger with their lives.

Finn is willing to help Hadley at any cost, and the bond between these two young people is amazing.

In my opinion, Leaves Like Magic is beautifully written and the story is about loyalty and love and the willingness to put trust in another person in order to come together and overcome what they have experienced in their lives.

I loved Leaves Like Magic and couldn’t put it down!



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