This incredible young woman, Ainsley Ridgeway is an up and coming Gunsmith!


Here’s a short video that is being shown on the Outdoor channel about the #1 gunsmithing school in the Nation.

Miss. Ridgeway will graduate from Trinidad State College in Trinidad, Colorado Gunsmithing School in May. She is the face of the school for promotional information. Ainsley Ridgeway built a Customized 1911 Night Hawk pistol and as a school project Sporterized 98 Mauser in .338 Winchester Magnum. She presented both guns at the Annual Shot Show in Las Vegas this year in January by the school.


Miss Ridgeway has been featured in Women & Guns. Building the Customized 1911 in her NRA sponsored Brownell 1911 class this past summer. The AR 10 Remington 260 depicted on the cover is a the gun she built the barrel for in another class offered at Trinidad State.


Miss Ridgeway has built from parts three different AR 10 Winchester 358. One for her father, another for her brother and one for herself.


Miss Ridgeway was featured in Gun World and the Customized 1911 Night Hawk shown on


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