Can one night of bliss change your whole world? Find out in Forget Me Not by K.S. Thomas.

Forget Me Not

For seven years, Cooper’s done nothing but try to forget.

Forget the night she nearly died. Forget the weeks and months and hospitals that followed. And, mostly, forget Reed. The boy she nearly married. The boy she loved. The boy who woke up from the accident… and couldn’t remember.

Seven years later, Cooper finally has her life back on track. She’s got a home, a career, and a man who waited patiently for her heart to heal. Then, just as it starts to pay off to forget, fate threatens to steal it all away a second time when Reed suddenly shows up…and remembers.


My Review:

Desperation, friendship, finding oneself and finding love!

What you’d do if you woke up in a hospital and didn’t remember your past? Well that didn’t happen to Cooper, she remembered everything.

Forget Me Not by K.S. Thomas, has a unique storyline I loved because we get to meet all three characters, Cooper, Gunner, and Reed.

I went thru a range of emotions: shock, relief, frustration, happiness, sadness and Joy. If I can immerse myself in a book where I can anticipate and feel what the author conveyed on every page it’s worth reading.

And Forget Me Not is definitely worth reading!


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